Android Studio emulator now starts in 6 seconds and comes standard with the Play Store

Last October, we announced the launch of Android Studio 3.0, the new version of this official Google programming IDE for Android, an update with a huge number of changes and improvements for all programmers, between others, support for the new Kotlin language. Just as version 3.0 reached the users, the Canary branch received an expected update Android emulator included in this programming IDE, a version full of changes, improvements and essential news in this emulator that, for just a few hours, begins to reach users of the stable version of the browser.

As we said, for a few hours Android Studio users can search for new versions and updates in their programming IDE and they will find the new version of Android Emulator . This version has been a big challenge for Google since the company has worked hard to implement a series of novelties, improvements and changes, which we detail below, which users have been asking for a long time and which for reasons techniques, had not been possible.

Next, we will see the main novelties that accompany the new Android 27 emulator of Android Studio 3.0.

News of the new Android Studio emulator

Without a doubt, one of the main novelties of this new version Android emulator and the quick boot , or quick start. One of the most common complaints among developers is that the emulator startup was quite slow and wasted time until they finally had the emulator fully functional.

Now from Android Emulator 27.0.2 , after the first start of the emulator (which can be a little slower), when we let's close and let's reopen , we can see how the boot time is now much faster, and in less than 6 seconds we can make our emulator work fully.

Another novelty of this new version is that, finally, this Android emulator now includes the Play Store . Many developers use google play services, so many times when trying to test their apps, they encountered all kinds of problems when they missed the store or used outdated versions of the play store. Thus, all the emulators that we mount from Android 7.0 Nougat, will now include the Play Store, allowing to download applications from the store and, in addition, to update components as critical as the Google Play services.

Third, another of the new features included in this new version of Android Emulator is compatibility with Android CTS (Android Compatibility Test Suite) . From now on, Android Nougat images will behave, in the face of Google's compatibility tests, in the same way as physical devices.

Finally, Google has put a lot of effort into improve the performance of its emulators . So from now on, Android versions will run much smoother and consume less resources on the systems they are running on, which is, frankly, to be appreciated. Additionally, GPU performance has also been improved, both in OpenGL 2 and OpenGL 3, now being superior to any other third-party Android emulator. And to prove it, Google has included in its images a new application, called GPU Emulation Stress Test , which allows us to test the graphics of our Android emulator.

What do you think of this new version of the official Google Android emulator? Do you think there is a function or a feature missing?

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