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Since the creation of the first faces that you could send by text message, there has been a dramatic change, especially in instant messaging apps. Previously, the closest thing to an emoticon was figures like these> :-); >: - D; > :-( and they were popular back then; however, the way of communicating has changed over the past decades.

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to write to express a feeling during a conversation, with the creation of new emojies, emoticons and the placement of stickers, conversations via chat are not only smoother, but are also entertaining and fun.

Telegram is one of messaging networks which is characterized by being ahead of many other applications such as WhatsApp, and following this philosophy we can say that the platform has been the precursor of stickers, who have undoubtedly taken control of the chat windows of many users.

Its popularity was such that no one could resist its charm. And for those who don't know, stickers are another means of expression which can be created by any user, just put in a little creativity and you will be ready to package and collect.

If you are looking for best sticker packs for Telegram, in this article, you will know 143 packages that you can share with your friends and family. But first, let's know some fundamental aspects so you can learn more about this feature. Join us!

What are Telegram Stickers?

The telegram stickers are simply images or illustrations which express a action or feelings, these stickers are generally static but can therefore become dynamic. They are made up collection packs of 20, 80, 150 or more, similar to the original stickers.

What are Telegram Stickers?

Fortunately, in addition to the way it is possible to create Telegram groups and channels, it is also possible to create your own sticker pack and include it in the application.

How to search for stickers in Telegram

One of the ways to start collect stickers and to use them in future chats is to research them directly. The simplest method is as follows:

  • Launch the Telegram app and access any chat.
  • On the right side there are three sections, select "Stickers".
  • Then at the bottom there is a magnifying glass, click on it and write a specific word, such as: Love, Free, among others.

  • Finally choose the pack you want and click on "Add"Followed by "ADD STICKERS".

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How to add sticker pack on Telegram

If you don't want to manually search for the sticker pack, it is possible to add to your library the stickers that are in the groups you belong to or even those that you have received in chats. To do this, you just need to do the following:

  • Launch the Telegram app, locate the chat or group where the desired sticker is located.
  • Click the sticker, it will show a box with all the available packages, click the option "ADD STICKERS".

Another way to add Telegram sticker packs is by right clicking the sticker and clicking the option "Add stickers".

The best sticker packs for Telegram

After clarifying these points, it's time to see the best options for them. telegram stickers and broken down by categories:


The animated stickers give a little more excitement to the conversation. Thanks to them, you can express more emphatically what you want to convey, whether it is astonishment, happiness, anger and more. The most striking are:

Animated Telegram Stickers tlgrm


To have funny stickers on Telegram is a key point for a conversation between friends and family. Just send one to respond or argue on a subject. These are some of the most influential packs today.

stickers funny for Telegram tlgrm

Movies and series

The most striking thing to About Telegram Stickers is that you can get a variety of genres and themes. You will be able to meet stickers of characters from famous movies and series like these:

Stickers for Telegram Cinema and Series tlgrm


For lovers of the most tender and beloved creatures on earth, there are hundreds of stickers with animal themes, here are some of the most striking:

Animal Telegram Stickers tlgrm

Mangas and anime

La Japanese culture is more and more present in Western lands so can not miss the packs concerning the different animes or manga. If you want to refuel japanese stickers, here are some of the best:

Stickers for Telegram of Manga and Anime tlgrm

Video games

There is a universal feeling that unites us and that is the love of video games. Thanks to Telegram stickers, you can start a conversation using your favorite video game characters:

Video Games Telegram Stickers tlgrm

If you sticker package including you need is not on those lists, feel free to check out the sticker packs that Telegram has prepared for you on its page officielle.

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