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Is it possible to add more than 5000 friends on Facebook? What happens if you recover from it?

One of the advantages of Facebook is that it allows you to add a incredible number of friends to the list of contacts on the platform. Which has also become a feature of the network.

Sin embargo, a pesar de ser una de las social redes más usadas en el mundo, y considerada por muchos como una application that permit include conocer gente de otros países , Facebook has a Limit in cuanto to the cantidad de amigos agregados en su plataforma it is.

For this reason, we will show you this happens if you exceed the limit of added friends to Facebook, and as a result, it would be possible to add more than 5000 friends on Facebook.

What is the limit for adding friends on Facebook?

THE one of the most popular social networks in the world is undoubtedly the Facebook platform, since it currently has millions of users who interact with each other.

So, taking into account that the main means of interact in real time on this social network is to add friends and there are millions of people on the network, so is there a limit to adding people to Facebook? And if so, what is this limit?

You should know that the limit imposed by Facebook to keep friends added is quite high , so it is quite difficult for you to reach it, or that you have to exceed it once you reach it. However, there are those who have identified this limit on their own.

Therefore, the limit we are talking about, and the one imposed by this social network is 5000 friends on Facebook . This limit was created because the programmers of the social network considered it unheard of for a person to actually exceed this amount, knowing that on average a person only knows up to 2000 people in their daily life.

Is it possible to add more than 5000 friends on Facebook?

Once this limit is known, the question arises of knowing whether or not it is possible to exceed this number aggregates on Facebook. Therefore, considering the fact that the majority of users are inherently unlikely to approach this tab, the same social network did not realize the ability to add more people to your social circle once you did. the figure of 5000 has been reached.

On the other hand, some people who are either very popular or too social have reached this limit and have come up with ways allowing to add more than 500 friends on Facebook .

If you want to add more than this number of friends to your profile, you can try this option that Facebook has available to you.

So, to be able to add more friends and interact with more than 5000 people in this social network, the best option is to create a Facebook fan page . However, the possible downside to this option is that if people don't add you to this page and only follow you, the interaction will not be reciprocal .

What happens if you exceed the 5000 friends that Facebook allows you?

One of the most identifying features of the social network Facebook is adding people to our contacts under the name of "friends" in this social network. However, there is a limit of 5000 people that can be added in this section, because it doesn't matter if you manage your Facebook profile from a PC or from a cell phone, the friends limit is the same.

But then What happens when you reach the limit of friends on Facebook? The answer to this rare but real question is simple: you won't be able to add more people to this social network.

However, with this situation comes an equally relevant one. So once you've added 5000 friends and added the limit, another Facebook user will no longer be able to add you to their contact list .

In other words, although you may receive the friend request, you will not be able to accept it. In addition, if you want to add a new person, you will not be able to send him a friend request . So either you delete some of your added friends from Facebook or you create a page on that social network.

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