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Everything you need to know about the effects of TIKTOK: the most famous, how to use them ...

TikTok is a Chinese app launched in 2016 and since then it has gained great popularity among young users. And no wonder, it's a multi-functional platform that gives you the ability to download and share short videos between 15 and 60 seconds with the community.

In addition, it complies with some highly interactive functions and features that distinguish it from others, among which we can highlight the possibility of making editing adjustments with effects, filters and rear - musical plans great fun, cut and even make duets with friends.

However, what makes you gain followers is posting original and personalized videos, only then are you more likely to have a video go viral. But how do you know what are the TikTok effects the most famous?

Everything you need to know about TikTok effects

Very easy! Follow each of these special tips that we offer you and discover the effects the most popular what's trending for your TikTok videos and, most importantly, how to use them. Dark!

What are TikTok effects?

The tiktok effects are just a set of filters, 2D / 3G, visual layers that make your videos look more attractive. This way you can grab the attention of your audience and stand out from the crowd. Effects vary and can add more personalization to your content.

TikTok effects: what are they and how to use them

In short, they are creative elements designed in order to add a unique touch to create a different environment and environment for your videos. Anything you can imagine is possible thanks to effects, and luckily the TikTok platform has a wide variety of options.

Best TikTok Effects

Below you can see a compilation of the best TikTok effects and thus give more life and dynamism to your content. These are the most popular:

Water reflection

Le "Aquatic reflection" also known as le name of' Titanic effect is a filter which simulates the water just below you. This way you can make it look like someone is drowning or, as we have seen in several videos, the re-enactment of the scene. Jack and Rose from the famous movie Titanic. It is undoubtedly one of the best effects that you can use to parody and make audiences laugh.


Instagram: makegaelup ## bajoelagua ## mood ##xzybca ##foryou ## makeup ## reflexionacuaticachallenge

? BILLIE all I wanted - darcy.com__

Green screen

Le "Green Screen" is used repeatedly to avoid displaying a background that does not match the presentation. This effect works well because it cuts out the background better and makes it visually appealing, especially since it displays different customizable backgrounds, whether it's nature, neutral colors, or other designs. . For the assembly to be much better, it is recommended to place a green or blue background.

Dance Nodle

This effect forms a kind of whirlwind in the face user or moving object. It's really fun if you're looking to record something a little different. With this filter it is possible to see the transition of something or someone as if they were in spiral mode.


##Monterrey ## mexico ##foryourpage ##fyp ## nodedance

? Crystal Dolphin - Engelwood

Frozen frame

"Frame Freeze" is one of effects the more used and the most popular on TikTok. With him you will be able freeze an image and in another time end the video in performing another action. So much so that we have come to see versions of people freezing their image with their arms in the position of picking up a baby and on the other side the same person hugging themselves posing as the baby.


Tomorrow the tutorial | INSTA: itsacouple_ig ## parati ## frozen frame ##fyp ## couples ## for you

? Blinding Lights on Glass - The Steven Padilla

Giant head effect

There is not much to say about "Mega Head", it's just a effect that magnifies hilarious the size of your head. This can be a lot of fun because the head grows to a size that is not proportional to the size of the body.


##pewpewpew ## mega-headchallenge

Pew Pew Pew - Aunt Hammy

Time tunnel

Le "Time Tunnel" is a line that records the past movement. This way you can create any silhouette, movement or figure and adapt it as the effect wears off. It sounds complicated at first, but with practice you will get good results.


## dot with @si_luki I saw @ 3l_tomy's video and wanted to try it too ## tuneldeltiempojugo ## matispano ## comedy

original sound -

Sid's face

With this effect, you will make your face take the shape of the popular and very funny character Sid from the movie "Ice Age" de 20th Century Studios. With this effect, we have seen many videos, from ugly jokes to makeup tutorials.


A lousy outing in the streets of Paris ##fyp ##foryou ## parati ##viral ## jokes ## tiktok ## stand out

the ugly factory HaHa - Satanica

Hygienic paper

The effect of "Toilet paper" by TikTok is very similar to the previous one, since your face or face will adopt the appearance of toilet paper leaving only the eyes and mouth visible. So you can talk and watch from the perspective of a toilet paper.


This role is talkative ## for you ## parati ## FYP ## comedy ## jokes

original sound - Willennys Martinez

Hair and makeup

This beauty effect is widely used by women on TikTok because it changes hair color to a tone reddish, brown and bluish. At the same time, she does makeup according to the color that makes you look like a full-fledged model. This effect is great for getting an idea of ​​what your look would look like by adopting a new look.


## lemon ## effects ## hair ## makeup ## nufede

original sound - Official Merche

The Divaza

If you don't want to show your face to the public, one of the best and most popular effects on TiTok is "La Divaza". Instead of showing your face, it will apply a cartoonish effect suitable for your face to a poupée special short haired and with big eyes.


Move the skeleton

? Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe - Minisiren Remix] - Conkarah

Freeze-3 screens

With the movement of your fingers, you can activate and freeze three photos. With this effect, you can make a video of yourself messing around or just seeing yourself in three different positions. Just keep in mind that you need to focus your fingers correctly to activate the camera.


Almost not # #copacomedia # # 3pantallasdivididas # # freezing3pantallas # #congelachallenge

The Boat Beat - Ricky Desktop

Symmetrical filling

Le "Symetric Fill" to allows to see your reflection on the same screen creating a mirror effect. Once you have your dual image in position, shape and size compared to the other image, you can play around with the positions and create something really fun.


##I am like you

Oh Nanana - Remix - dj 6rb & Bonde R300


It might sound strange, but it turns out to be one of the effects the best and most popular used in recent days. It is "Unicorn", the filter that just by opening your mouth will transform your face into a big unicorn head with white hair and pink colors. It went viral with audio "Hello, how are you Miss Bonjouraaaaaas…".


## unicorn How much will it be? ##the comedy ## marioaguilar

original sound - jmzsaade


This effect is ideal for dogs or other pets. It's very funny because it makes you believe on the screen that the animal wakes up its owner to ask him to eat because he is very hungry. When you are done "To open your eyes", you will see your pet's face elicit a loving response from the community.


Mistress I'm hungry, you make me an egg with ketchup… GACHAS AIME ?? ## dogs ## animals ## food ## to sleep

original sound - joseandreees

How to put effects on your videos

For add effects and filters in TikTok, you won't have no need to be an expert in editing, you just have to enter the mobile application, click on the icon "+" to open the video screen and on the left side you will see the " Effects ".

This is how you can easily add TikTok effects to your videos

If you click on "Effects", you will have at your fingertips a wide variety of effects organized by categories: tredding, news, games, funny, special effects, beauty and much more. Select the one that best suits your needs and start recording.

How to download effects or save other people's effects

If you want download or save TikTok effectsWhether they are your own or those used by other people, the procedure is very simple.

Since the tikTok video screen, go to the effects section and choose the one you like the most. Then at the bottom of the screen you will see a flag, click on it. This way the effect will go straight to your "Favorites" section and you will be able to find it faster.

Select an effect and mark the flag to place it in the "Favorites" section

When it comes to save or download effects on someone else's TikTok, the procedure is similar. Click on the name of the effect and a new window will open for you. Click where it is written "Add to favorites" and it will immediately go to your favorites section.

This is only one of the functions of the platform, but also one of the most used. If you want to start giving a special touch to your TikTok videos, don't forget to start with the effects the most famous and the most popular from the moment.

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