How to take a screenshot on a Microsoft Surface laptop?

Microsoft Surface laptops are considered powerful and specialized devices for productivity and work. These computers are characterized by a touch screen, which changes the user experience. For this reason, many people cannot find how to take screenshot on Microsoft Surface laptop , which is as easy as set Google as the default search engine in Edge.

These laptops tend to have compressed keyboards, causing a change in handling and the ways to perform different actions. Which users were accustomed to ordinary computers.

Surface laptops include a stylus to perform various functions with the touchscreen. This instrument accesses the combination of different actions. In addition, these devices tend to have side buttons resembling tablets.


Taking a screenshot allows you to save an image or capture a moment during a video call . Its applications are endless, so knowing how to do them is very helpful.

For example, it is easy to take screenshots on an iPhone 11 or in the case of a smart TV, you can take screenshots on Smart TV , to name a few examples.

Because the applications are very varied, Windows Surface has several methods that adapt to the needs of the moment. Provide comfort to users and an optimal experience.

Methods to take a screenshot on Microsoft Surface Laptop

Thanks to the different models, these laptops have varieties in their keyboards and buttons. Therefore, there are different methods to be able to take screenshot on the laptop Microsoft Surface.

Using keyboard abbreviations

As mentioned earlier, Surface laptops on your keyboard do not include a " Print screen " or " Print screen Like traditional computers. However, if you have an external keyboard that has this option, it will work on this computer as well.


These devices do not have the touch " screenshot “, Their function is to perform this action by performing key combinations which will be explained below.

You must press and hold the button ” Windows ”Represented by the icon for that operating system. At the same time, you have to press the lower volume button which is regularly found on the side of these equipments.

These two steps will cause the screen to darken and return to its normal brightness, emulating the action of a camera. Some laptops do not include the " Windows ». In this specific case, pressing this button must replace that of the power button, which is regularly located on the sides.

After following the specific steps for each device, you should continue to search for the image. This is usually found in the " Catches ». Which in turn is in the file ” Pictures "

Crop Tool

Windows has a screenshot integrated on the Microsoft Surface laptop. Which offers a more customizable screenshot mode. With this tool, you can choose the specific area you want to capture and preset the sizes modes to take a screenshot.

In addition, it also allows you to set a deadline, with which you can take a screenshot of an item that will appear on the screen after a few seconds. This tool can be located by clicking on the start menu and then typing in the application search bar “Snipping”. After its execution, its menu with the different configurations will be displayed.


Capture and sketch

Windows 10 offers another shortcut to screenshot on Microsoft Surface Laptop. This consists of a key combination which will be explained below.

The button " Windows " must be pressed . In addition, you must also press the button "Shift" located on the left side of the keyboard, represented by an up arrow. Finally, you have to press the letter "S" .

Performing this combination will take a screenshot and be copied directly to the clipboard. In addition, it offers the immediate possibility of applying editing to capture with various functions.

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