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What is Mastodon and how does it work? How to register on this social network

Mastodon is not a single social network but a collection of digital social networks with a common platform, which are independent and are called "Instances" , their uses are similar to Twitter. However Mastodon is currently less used than the Twitter app .

Today, Mastodon has become a free code and platform option, where you can do the same as you do in other digital communication networks, like create profiles , send photos and videos, and in the same way follow whoever you want on this network, just like you would with the others Social networks .

You still don't like this app or you don't know its features and you want to know a little more about it, so don't stop joining us, in this article we will inform you about it and how to get it easily and quickly.

Use of the Mastodon social network

The main thing you need to know about this new app is that it is completely free app, compatible for desktops and cellphones with HTML. It is software that does not have a main server, because it is completely open source. Surprised, of course yes. As for using this series of digital interaction network called Mastodon, it is really simple and offers the following:

  • The wall is public and completely chronological, both federated and local.
  • Likewise, you can post statuses, messages with a maximum of 500 characters , short videos and share gifs that can be animated.
  • This social network groups its customers into “instance” communities, which you can easily follow to interact with them or with others. Which makes it versatile.
  • The messages are called Toots and Mastodon customers will be able to follow each other if they wish.

Register for Mastodon

  1. Enter the Mastodon social site , then select "Register" , choose the name you want to be seen as a customer on the digital social network and with which you can access whenever you want to use it.
  2. Then enter your email address that you are going to associate. Then choose and enter the password, finally click on "register".
  3. Wait a few seconds while you receive a verification message stating "Check your e-mail address - mail " . Then tap on it to check it. Later, you will receive a welcome message indicating your account name. Then access the Mastodon application, enter your username and password.
  4. At this point you will see some simple instructions, which you have to follow step by step as they will guide you on the screen so that you can use this application and the configure to your style . Simple truth.

Benefits of using the Mastodon app

These are several digital networks called "Mastodon application instance" with open software, where the different instances have their own servers, rules and administrators.

Posts are recorded chronologically, in addition to being a user-friendly platform, with no ads interrupting communication, or any type of tracking, and also have no restrictions on posts, provided the appropriate post matches. to the established conditions . In this sense, you can adjust the settings of the privacy conditions of this application.

Therefore, it is a social digital platform which, although emerging as a replacement choice for Twitter, is different because it has no restrictions despite its own terms or conditions of use, to avoid the behaviors of inappropriate publication , such as: sexist, xenophobia, among others.

In the Mastodon app it is possible to block a user, but this is done permanently, so you need to be sure when you want to block. But it also offers you the action of being able to simply not see the messages of certain customers with the option "Mute user", as is done on Facebook .

Now that you know everything you need to know about this Mastodon app, a free and open source software interaction tool , where you can get rid of those hateful ads and have more character width to write your statuses and posts, you can't stop signing up and making uses. of its many advantages for staying active with family, friends and why not meet new friends. 

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